This is a short historic of how we started this company and where we are now:


The beginning of the road

nanoimmunotech is born from the cooperation of the Biomedical Research Center (CINBIO) of Vigo and the Nanoscience Institute of Aragón (INA) within a CONSOLIDER project called NANOBIOMED. By one hand, there was an unsatisfied need in the market in relation to characterization and functionalization of nanometric systems, and on the other hand, there was a lot of know-how accumulated in these areas by those who became the promoters of company.


Awards and R&D

The results cannot be better, nanoimmunotech is recognized and supported with important awards like Best Biotechnological Business Project of the year (Genoma España), Bancaja Young Entrepreneurship Award, and a NEOTEC financing granted by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), a Spanish public organization, under the Ministry of Science and Innovation. 
nanoimmunotech intensively works in optimizing the protocols regarding characterization and conjugation (functionalization).


Money, Services and more R&D

We successfully close our first funding round; more than 1 million euros (public and private).
We say “hello” to our new trip partners. nanoimmunotech is a lucky company, we have an important support from a lot of private and public people and institutions.
R&D activities go on: nitzipper ® technology is more than just an idea. This great bioconjugation technology that is going to revolutionize the biotechnological sector will be born soon.


NANOIMMUNOTECH structure its activity and re-design corporative image

A new company logo is introduced and nanoimmunotech’s business areas are now independent, each one with its own brand and logo, all based on a matrix formed by different circles, each one representing micro/nanoparticles. This matrix represents a balanced and perfect micro/nanosystem.

NANOIMMUNOTECH developing a new nanovaccine against E.Coli through its NITZIPPER Bioconjugation technology

 gets involved in a new R&D project called COLIVAC (a FEDER-INNTERCONECTA National R&D project) that aims to develop new technologies for E.coli nanovaccine using its nitzipper ® bioconjugation technology.

This is a shared project supported by the FEDER-INNTERCONECTA program from the CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development) with a budget of over 3 million euros, being conducted in collaboration with the CZ Veterinaria-Biofabri Galician, Nanogap and three other research organizations: the Reference Laboratory for E. coli (LREC), the Nanobiofarm group from the University of Santiago de Compostela and the Immunology group from the University of Vigo.

nanoimmunotech contributes to this project offering its nitzipper ® technology that aims to improve the creation of new vehicles and alternatives for more effective, less painful and cheaper vaccination, by enabling its administration through alternative routes.

NANOIMMUNOTECH involved in a R&D project for the Pharmaceutical industry

in collaboration with the Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon (INA) and Nanoscale Biomagnetics, takes part in the R&D project called "HelloKit", counting with a budget of 2 million euros.
This R&D project is focused on the development of a new platform, based on the technique of Drug Delivery, by magnetic hyperthermia using nanoparticles, for the development of new cancer therapies.

nanoimmunotech brings to this project its revolutionary bioconjugation technology nitzipper ® that, thanks to its versatility, allows to join in a fast and simple way micro / nanostructures and/or biomolecules, creating multiple combinations.

Thanks to these projects, we can develop better bioconjugation products thanks to the feedback of real companies with a deep knowledge in different fields.


NANOIMMUNOTECH is strengthened, grows and begins road to the world of nanobiosensors


NANOIMMUNOTECH involved in a new European R&D project: 15 international partners collaborating to develp new nanotherapeutics

nanoimmunotech starts its collaboration with 14 other European institutions from 8 different countries, in a four-year European project supported by the European Commission under the NMP Priority of the 7th Framework Programme, with a budget over 13 million euros: The NAREB project.

This project aims at optimizing nanoformulations of antibacterial therapeutics in order to improve the therapy of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis and MRSA infections in European patients.

 brings to this project its important know how, not only collaborating in several task, but also leading a work package focused on assessing the safety of the developed nanosystems by measuring the indirect effects of nanoparticles on immunological and signalling responses to exposure, using both in vitro and in vivo model, towards its nitbiosafe techniques.

NANOIMMUNOTECH new headquarters in Vigo

nanoimmunotech opens the doors of its new facilities in Vigo in the CITEXVI prestigious building, counting with a wide laboratory of about 100m2 with top-notch equipment, combined with a staff with extended knowledge, to respond to our clients’ needs with high quality solutions.

Heatsens technology licensed

nanoimmunotech license Heatsens technology with an exclusive right to explote it. We are officially entered into the field of nanobiosensors!

NANOIMMUNOTECH involved in the development of new biosensor technologies for R&D national projects

nanoimmunotech takes part in two different National projects supported by the FEDER-INNTERCONECTA program from the CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development), in collaboration with other institutions. Both projects, despite that they are developed in very different sectors and applications, have a common factor: the use of new biosensing technologies.

By one hand, the INNOSABOR Project, with a budget of over 2 million euros, with the purpose of developing a new biosensor which will detect the animal stress level (because it is proved that animal stress levels affect meat quality) and also to develop an intelligent packaging using nanotechnology for the food industry.
nanoimmunotech takes part in a consortium led by Frigolouro, together with Teinco, 1 research organization (the University of Vigo) and 2 technological centres (CTAG, and ANFACO).  

On the other hand, the ACACIA Project, with a budget of over 2 million euros, aims to develop a biosensor for pollutants detection in water for the environmental industry.
nanoimmunotech collaborates in a multidisciplinary consortium led by Copasa, with 3 other Galician SMEs (Cienytech, Gefico, and Telecon), 1 research organization (the Goifomo Group from the University of Santiago de Compostela), and 1 technology center (Aimen).

These projects makes it possible to nanoimmunotech develop biosensors properly oriented to a final application, oriented to very different markets with their own peculiarities, demanding biosensors with special features (high sensitivity, simplicity, fast, easy to use...); the ones we can develop.

NANOIMMUNOTECH involved in a regional R&D project for ELISA applications

nanoimmunotech starts a new regional project together with the GN2 group (Grupo de Nanoterapia y Nanodiagnóstico) from the Nanoscience Institute of Aragón (INA), supported by the Industry and Innovation Department of the Aragón Government: the NITELISA Project. This project is oriented to improve the immunoassays techniques by creating new pieces for our nitzipper ® portfolio and functionalization protocols very interesting for ELISA assays.


Thanks to the great increase and evolution of NANOIMMUNOTECH over the two last years, we are pleased to count with new talents in our team, the number of nitters increase! and the forecast is to be even more.


NITZIPPER launch. A very promising project is now a real product

nitzipper ® launch by September.

When thinking about the Biotechnological sector, we discover that there is a factor limiting its growth: there are a lot of players (research groups, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotechnological, chemical, agro-food, etc. companies) interested in developing specialized intelligent nanometric systems, but all of them depend on specific functionalization of different nanomaterials, biomolecules and/or drugs; these involves in most cases the design of a new functionalization strategy for each situation.

We wondered: could it be possible to develop an almost universal strategy for the functionalization of any nanoparticle with any biomolecule? The answer is YES, such a disruptive technology is nitzipper ®, that enable us to launch the first version of a complete portfolio of standard products covering these customer needs, and allowing the sector to grow quite faster.

We have great perspectives for nitzipper ®, we are sure that it will have large success on the international market thanks to the versatility and universality it offers. Moreover, we hope that the nitzipper ® bioconjugation technology will position nanoimmunotech as a key player in the (Nano)Biotechnolgy field, within the next years.

Aiming to sell its nitzipper ® products worldwide, nanoimmunotech signs at the early beginning of the year new distribution agreements with different companies:

-       BIONORDIKA for Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and the Baltic countries

-       DIANOVA GmbH for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

-       EUBIO for Austria

-       COSMO BIO CO., LTD for Japan


nanoimmunotech is working hard to make Heatsens real. Results are promising!


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