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Nanoimmunotech is your benchmark and reference partner within the nanobiotechnology world. We offer you a complete range of products and tailor-made projects to help you from the design of your nanomaterials or complex nanosystems by means of bioconjugation, to check the nanotoxicity of your products, to the design of highly competitive biosensors allowing a fast and highly-sensitive multi-analytes detection.

Discover our brands: nitbioconjugation and nitparticles for bioconjugation, nitbiosensing for nanobiosensing and nitbiosafe for nanotoxicity.

nitparticles: particles for an easy bioconjugation

A large variety of high quality particles (micro-and nanoparticles) prepared for an easy bioconjugation.

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nitbioconjugation: Your best partner for all your conjugation needs

The quality brand where Nanoimmunotech offers you all its expertise in bioconjugation. You can find highly-efficient products to help you with the design of your conjugates, improving their properties, like the orientation of proteins on nanoparticles.

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nitbiosensing: High-sensitive nanotechnology-based biosensing platforms

Revolutionary biosensing platforms based on the peculiar properties of metal nanostructures as a disruptive signal transduction system, allowing a fast and very sensitive molecules analysis, as well as the development of portable sensing device for simultaneously multianalytes detection.

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nitbiosafe: Testing the safety of your nanoworld

A complete portfolio of physico-chemical and biological (in vitro and in vivo) characterization services to check the risks of your nanomaterials, from a nanotoxicity point of view.

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