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nitbiosensing is the business line offered worldwide by nanoimmunotech , gathering the most innovative nanobiosensing technologies existing on the market.

Innovation always has been the nanoimmunotech 's mission keyword. Consequently taking advantage of the whole knowledge acquired by the company, derived from the long experience in conjugating biomolecules and micro / nanostructures, in the year 2013, nanoimmunotech decided to start a new challenge:

Designing the best nanobiosensors solving specific customers' needs through its new line called nitbiosensing.


nitbiosensing  is the quality brand offered worldwide by Nanoimmunotech gathering all the expertise in the biosensing field, with the capability to design any kind of biosensors adapting to the customers' needs, from ultra-sensitive biosensors allowing real-time monitoring, portable, easy-to-use biosensors without needing pretreatment step, biosensors with competitive prices, or any other required characteristic.

nitbiosensing  is based on a revolutionary biosensing platform called HEATSENS, based on the peculiar properties of metal nanostructures, and in particular the gold ones, as a disruptive signal transduction system, allowing a fast and ultra sensitive molecules analysis, as well as the development of portable sensing device for real-time detection.

Thanks to their versatility, nitbiosensing innovative biosensors can be applied to a large range of sectors and applications, from the development of point-of-care devices for their use in an hospital o directly at the patient home in the clinical diagnosis field, to its use in a chicken farm for the detection of pathogenic microorganisms, or the detection of contaminants in water, and much more.


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