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A key challenge for many applications is to control the organization of biomolecules (such as enzymes or antibodies) on nanoparticles whilst retaining their biological activity. We are experts in oriented bioconjugation, providing exclusive kits and custom services for any kind of biomolecule conjugation on nanoparticles and surfaces, adapting to our customers' needs.

Check our April offer for bioconjugation products and services.

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Nanoimmunotech taking part of BIO-Europe Spring in Barcelona

The business partnering conference BIO-Europe Spring 2017 took place 20 22 March in Barcelona, Spain. This meeting is one of Biotech´s most important European events with more than 2.500 attendees, in 2017 edition, from more than 1.400 companies from 58 different countries.

We were there to learn the latest trends in biotech and pharma and to stablish potential collaborations to develop our innovative heatsens technology. Thanks to EBD partnering system we could efficiency schedule selected meetings with 40 companies in three days. Some of them being very promising for short-medium term collaborations.

Quite happy with the results, we hope to repeat the experience during BIO International Convention in San Diego.




Interview with Africa González in the program “Europa”

Africa Gonzalez was in the TVE program “Europa 2017” on March 3rd, talking about the role of women in Europe and her experience as an entrepreneur.

Meet the four Spanish finalists of the Innovative Women Award:

The winners will be announced at the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 in the framework of the celebrations of International Women's Day.

Plató   África

África González, one of our founding partners, finalist for EU Prize for Women Innovators 2017

África González, professor at the University of Vigo and one of the founding partners of Nanoimmunotech, is one of the 12 finalists for the prize for innovative women in Europe 2017.
More information in:

   - Universidad de Vigo: A catedrática África González, finalista dos premios da Comisión Europea Women Innovators 2017.

   - Faro de Vigo: La inmunóloga África González, en la élite europea de emprendedoras en innovación.

   - Televisión de Galicia: A investigadora África González, candidata aos Premios Europeos de Mulleres Innovadoras.

Click here to see a videopresentation of the 12 finalists.

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Workshop SENSO3: Elimination of pollutants from urban wastewater through ozonation controlled by biosensors

NANOIMMUNOTECH, TAYSUNAVE, SYSPRO, GESECO AGUAS and AIMEN Centro Tecnológico, organized in the facilities of Nanoimmunotech in Vigo, this workshop with the main objectives:

  • Present the R&D initiative "SENSO3" launched by Galician companies and approved in the 2016 ConectaPeme Call.
  • Introduce new technologies applied to the elimination of wastewater contaminants.
  • Exchange experiences and discuss the reality of participating companies and the sectors in which they operate.

IMG 20170126 WA0000

SENSO3 will develop an innovative system for the treatment of urban residual waters based on ozone controlled by nanobiosensors

  • This innovative system of residual waters purification will be complementary to the current systems being used and will enable elimination of microcontaminants as the pesticides. 
  • Within the Programme Conecta PEME 2016, the project consortium is led by nanoimmunotech having as partners TAYSUNAVE, SYSPRO y GESECO AGUAS. AIMEN participates as collaborating entity.
  • SENSO3 will use nanotechnology based sensors to monitor contaminants in water enabling the improvement of the control of the treatment and therefore reduce analysis and energy costs.

More information >>

BIOCAPAN Project Working On Diabetes Treatment that Replaces Insulin Injections

EU flag

July 1, 2015 – An international research consortium coordinated by CEA-Leti announced the launch of BIOCAPAN1, a research project funded by the European Commission aiming at developing an innovative GMPgrade (good manufacturing practices) cell-therapy product to treat diabetes without insulin injections.
The key therapeutic issue in diabetes mellitus types 1 and 2 is glycaemic control. Reductions of continuous self- monitoring and – insulin injections often associated to long-term complications would tremendously improve the quality of diabetics’ life. A promising therapeutic option consists of transplanting allogeneic islet cells, but the current state of the art limits the applicability of this approach.

Implanting unprotected grafts requires lifelong administration of immunosuppressants. Moreover, protecting the cells against adverse immune reactions by current encapsulation strategies reduces their functionality and survival to an extent that makes frequent “refresher” implantations necessary.

Although encapsulated islets survival has been demonstrated for up to three years, insulin-independence has been shown in one patient for a maximum of only nine months.

The BIOCAPAN Project brings together a multi-disciplinary international team of experts to develop an innovative treatment based on implanting allogeneic islet cells embedded in complex bioactive microcapsules that maximize the long-term functionality and survival of pancreatic islets. The project’s goal is a two-year, insulin-injection-free treatment, without immunosuppressants, which would greatly benefit insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus patients. This treatment would be appropriate for all type 1 and about one in six type 2 diabetes mellitus patients – about 80 million people worldwide.
BIOCAPAN, which stands for BIOactive implantable Capsule for PANcreatic islet immunosuppression free therapy, is supported by the Horizon 2020 Programme, the largest-ever EU research and innovation program.

In addition to NANOIMMUNOTECH, the four-year, €8 million project brings together nine partners from five EU countries and the U.S.:

- CEA-Leti (FR),
- Université Catholique de Louvain (BE)
- Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin (DE)
- NovaMatrix (NO)
- Université Joseph Fourier (FR)
- Etablissement Français du Sang (FR)
- European Research Services GmbH (DE)
- Wake Forest University Health Sciences (US)

Illustration: Kick-off meeting official picture (on 1
st June)

1 This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 646272.

HEATSENS, innovative nanobiosensing technology

Are you curious about the future of biosensors? Come and have look to HEATSENS, an innovative and ultra-sensitive nanobiosensing technology owned by NANOIMMUNOTECH, which will revolutionize the detection systems for several industries, allowing ultra-sensitive detection of many different analytes through easy-to-use devices for in-house testing! Learn more about HEATSENS:

NANOIMMUNOTECH granted by the OEPM has Spanish Business Success Story

NANOIMMUNOTECH has been recognized by the Spanish Brand and Patent Office as one of the 19 Spanish Business Success Stories! It is a great recognition that has received NANOIMMUNOTECH, one of the most innovative Spanish company.

NANOIMMUNOTECH, contributing to the NANODIODE Project


The European FP7 project NanoDiode, launched in July 2013 for a period of three years, establishes an innovative, coordinated programme for outreach and dialogue throughout Europe so as to support the effective governance of nanotechnologies. The project integrates vital engagement activities along the innovation value chain, at the levels of research policy, research & development (R&D), and the use of nanotechnological innovations throughout society.

As a principal actor in the Nanobiotechnology field, NANOIMMUNOTECH has been pleased to contribute to the NanoDiode Project.

Mariantonietta Parracino from NANOIMMUNOTECH, contributing to the NANODIODE project, explains how the large and versatile knowledge of NANOIMMUNOTECH allows to offer great solutions to our customers for their projects and applications:

José Maria Abad talks about the important possibilities that nanomaterials can offer for nanomedicine (drug delivery and nanosensors), and about the constant necessity to study toxicity and the obligation to make sure that new nanomaterials are safe:

NANOIMMUNOTECH at BioEurope Spring 2015 – Paris (France)

photo 3

NANOIMMUNOTECH had a very successful BioEurope Spring in Paris this week. Our Team had very interesting meetings with key leaders in the Biotech sector.

We also thank Bioga Galician Association for inviting us to their booth!

Looking for next edition!

NANOIMMUNOTECH launches its new brand: NITBIOCONJUGATION, Your Expert in Bioconjugation


NANOIMMUNOTECH has just developed a new line called NITBIOCONJUGATION that consists in offering all types of bioconjugation solutions, either nanoparticles conjugation kits with antibodies and proteins, and specialized services for the development of all types of conjugates either mono- and multifunctionalized systems, building complex conjugates for all types of applications.

Regarding bioconjugation kits, we have just launched our LinkOriented kit GOLD ( for the ORIENTED conjugation of antibodies and proteins on gold nanoparticles of 30 nm (not a random conjugation, as offered by most kits currently available on the market). Shortly, we will also have other types of kits: for the conjugation of magnetic nanoparticles, as well as for gold-coated magnetic nanoparticles.

Please find enclosed the link to the general NITBIOCONJUGATION webpage:

NANOIMMUNOTECH through NITPARTICLES, launches new nanoparticles.


NITPARTICLES offers new high-quality nanoparticles and nanoclusters to reach excellent results in all your projects in the "bio" field:

FREE SAMPLES are available!

NANOIMMUNOTECH, The importance of nanomaterial characterization

141211 Jornadas Nanovalor

 NANOIMMUNOTECH, involved in the NANOVALOR project in collaboration with many prestigious institutions, explain how important is to biologically characterize nanostructured materials during an interesting seminar organized by the AIMEN Technological Center.



141117 Award Eco Innovation


Today NANOIMMUNOTECH has received the ECO-BUSINESS INNOVATION AWARD delivered by the CIRCE federation. NANOIMMUNOTECH has been awarded for its Eco-Efficient practice, and Environmental improvement technologies.
Our colleague Rubén Santos, NANOIMMUNOTECH's CEO, received the award as a great success in the Eco Business Innovation!


nanoimmunotech participa en el proyecto ACACIA

nanoimmunotech y otras empresas gallegas diseñan un nuevo sistema de depuración para aguas residuales urbanas basado en el uso de ozono y controlado mediante biosensores a través del proyecto ACACIA financiado en la convocatoria FEDER-INNTERCONECTA.

Read more: nanoimmunotech participa en el proyecto ACACIA

nanoimmunotech at "BioSpain 2014"



From the 24th to 26th of September 2014, nanoimmunotech will attend the congress "Biospain 2014", Santiago de Compostela (Spain).  Meet us there!


Read more: nanoimmunotech at "BioSpain 2014"

Nitzipper at DGfI congress 2014



From the 17th to 19th of September 2014, nanoimmunotech  will attend the DGfI congress that will take place in Bonn (Germany) with Dianova, its German partner for the distribution of our nitzipper ®  products.
Visit us at Dianova's booth Nº 29 to know more about our nitzipper® bioconjugation products!


Read more: Nitzipper at DGfI congress 2014

nanoimmunotech as a successful nanobiotechnology company in CDTI



nanoimmunotech was invited by the CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development) to its "Workshop for Funding opportunities in the Health sector" and was presented as a successful nanobiotechnology company.


Read more: nanoimmunotech as a successful nanobiotechnology company in CDTI

nanoimmunotech in Imaginenano 2013


On the 23rd , 24th, 25th  and 26th  April 2013, nanoimmunotech will be present at the Imaginenano 2013 event, being hold in Bilbao, Spain

Read more: nanoimmunotech in Imaginenano 2013

nanoimmunotech in Bio-Europe Spring 2013


On the 11th , 12th  and 13th  March 2013, nanoimmunotech will be present at the Bio-Europe Spring 2013 event, being held in Barcelona, Spain

Read more: nanoimmunotech in Bio-Europe Spring 2013

nanoimmunotech at REFbio Brokerage Event 2013


On the 21st and 22nd of February 2013nanoimmunotech will be present at the congress “Brokerage Event 2013” in Toulouse, France. Come visit us and find out what we can offer to improve your products and services or open up new doors for your business.

Read more: nanoimmunotech at REFbio Brokerage Event 2013

nanoimmunotech with Bio-Med-ARAGÓN


On October 18th, 2012 took place a constitutive act at the headquarters of the Aragon Government, to present a new association of companies and institutions in order to stimulate the innovation in biotechnology. nanoimmunotech is one of the founding companies belonging to this bioregion group, named Bio-Med ARAGÓN.

Read more: nanoimmunotech with Bio-Med-ARAGÓN

nanoimmunotech at "BioSpain 2012"


From the 19th to 21st of September 2012, nanoimmunotech will be present at the congress "Biospain 2012", Bilbao (Spain). Come visit us and find out what we can offer to improve your products and services or open up new doors for your business.


Read more: nanoimmunotech at "BioSpain 2012"

nanoimmunotech at "TNT 2012"


From the 10th to 14th of September 2012, nanoimmunotech will be present at the conference "TNT 2012", Madrid (Spain). Come visit us and find out what we can offer to improve your products and services or open up new doors for your business.


Read more: nanoimmunotech at "TNT 2012"

nanoimmunotech at "Industrial Technologies 2012"

From the 19th to 21st of June 2012, nanoimmunotech will be present at the conference "Industrial Technologies 2012", Aarhus (Denmark). Come visit us and find out what we can offer to improve your products and services or open up new doors for your business.


Read more: nanoimmunotech at "Industrial Technologies 2012"


 From the 15th to 17st of June 2012, nanoimmunotech will be present at the congress "COLLOIDS AND NANOMEDICINE 2012", Amsterdam (Holland).


Read more: nanoimmunotech at "COLLOIDS AND NANOMEDICINE"

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You can now discover all the latest news about nanoimmunotech on Facebook.


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